Black Fox International, Inc.

Worldwide Insurance Brokers

Black Fox International is an independent global insurance broker that provides risk management solutions and employee benefits solutions to business and organizations as well as individual coverage in over 120 countries. With over Twenty three years experience in the international and special risk markets, Black Fox International, can assist you in selecting, obtaining and maintaining coverage that is right for you, your company or organization in this unique and highly specialized field.

High Limit Disability

Our plan was designed for white collar market (Physicians & Surgeons, Dentists, Entertainment Industry, Athletes, Brokers and Traders, Legal Professions, Chiropractors, Pilots, Ect.) that require limits up to $100,000 per month or more.

Our plan may be used as: Primary Coverage, Excess / supplemental Coverage, Special Risk Coverage, Domestic or International Coverage.

Impaired Risk Disability / Life Insurance

This policy is designed for individuals with impaired health conditions. If your pay checks stopped because you are too sick or injured to work, impaired risk coverage will help replace some of your lost wage income.

Most people are not financially prepared for such an event and having the necessary insurance policy in place permits you to protect your family and continue to meet your financial obligations.

Trade Credit Insurance

It does not matter where you conduct your business, you need to Protect your accounts receivable against bad debt.

Credit Insurance will allow your company to give more customers credit that will enable you to increase sales

Political Risk Insurance

Every situation is different every risk and coverage will depend on the specific terms of contract (s) involved and terms of the coverage.

Political unrest, revolution, insurrection, civil unrest, war and or terrorism Government confiscation of assets Government repudiation of contracts Wrongful calling of a letter of credit or similar on-demand guarantees Inability to convert or repatriate currency