Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Through our Strategic International Insurance Company Partners, Black Fox International offers Global Trade Credit Insurance, which provides the security a company needs to compete globally by insuring what is often the company’s largest asset—its accounts receivables.  Programs include:

  • Comprehensive export credit insurance
  • Insolvency risk insurance
  • Credit risk insurance

Policies can be underwritten to protect against nonpayment of both foreign and domestic accounts receivables, and can be customized for each insured’s specific trade credit insurance requirements.


  • Protect your balance sheet
    • Global Trade Credit Insurance buffers the policyholder’s bad debt reserve, providing additional protection against large or unforeseen losses due to nonpayment of accounts receivables.
  • Obtain more attractive financing
    • Companies that finance their foreign receivables with a bank may find that they are able to obtain more favorable financing agreement by leveraging their receivables as part of a receivables financing program.
  • Expand sales
    • Insureds can confidently expand sales—and perhaps offer more competitive terms of sale to creditworthy buyers—knowing that the possibility of unforeseen losses is insured.

Our policy offers non-cancelable limits for the full policy term.


With our international partners you have a virtual Credit Department that offers companies fast efficient:

  • Customer credit analysis and credit-limit approval
  • Receivables insurance to protect against losses
  • Collection services for unpaid receivables

With our Trade Credit resources, companies can:

  • Grow their top-line by expanding sales without increasing loss exposure; obtaining larger lines of credit and more competitively priced receivables financing from banks; and offering more competitive terms of sale or relaxed credit terms to customers.
  • Manage credit risk by using our underwriting expertise and extensive company information database to assess the creditworthiness of customers quickly and cost-efficiently.  We also enable insureds to detect changes in the customer’s financial condition early on due to our continuous automated monitoring.
  • Reduce costs by minimizing and protecting bad debt reserves; lowering receivables management expenses; and outsourcing collections to a professional recovery service for a special low fee.