International Life Insurance

International Life Insurance

International Life insurance comes in many different forms. Universal Life, Term Life, Accidental Death and Dismemberment just to name a few. Coverage that includes War and Terrorism is available. We provide coverage for the family taking a short trip, to the long term business traveler, to groups needing coverage in hostile areas.

Life insurance comes in many different shapes and sizes. Just as your needs may be very different from the person next to you so to may your travel plans be very different. You may be a citizen of one country but live in another or you may live anywhere in the world and you need and want life insurance coverage.

We Can Help!  The following are some of the product we offer:

Universal Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life

Guaranteed Term

Unit Trust Universal Life

Single Premium Life

Policies issued in US Dollars, Euros and Sterling

A.M. Best Rated Companies

No entry into the USA required for any underwriting process

Product availability depends upon the country of residence.

Some carriers have minimum face amounts and/or premiums

Premiums are payable by wire, credit card, check

Total amount of insurance issued will depend upon:

Amount of Insurance currently owned

Country of residence

Purpose of Insurance

Current Income and/or Net Worth

Age and Health

Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage offered with and without war and terror coverage. High Limits available.