Impaired Risk Disability Insurance

Impaired Risk Disability Insurance

This disability policy is designed for individuals with pre-existing health conditions. If your pay checks stopped because you are too sick or injured to work, impaired risk coverage will help replace some of your lost wage income. Most people are not financially prepared for such an event and having the necessary insurance policy in place permits you to protect your family and continue to meet your financial obligations.


Black Fox International Inc. now has available the finest impaired risk disability income programs for your impaired client.

Medical and Occupational impairments previously rejected are welcome.

  • Two programs to choose from.
  • Graded Benefit Disability Income.
  • Also available a Blue Collar Disability Income program.
  • Occupational classes down to “b” are readily acceptable.
  • Aggressively underwritten
  • No Exams.
  • No Blood work.
  • High Monthly Benefits.
  • “A-” Rated Insurance