Foreign General Liability Insurance

Foreign General Liability Insurance

Foreign Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

CGL coverage provides protection against financial loss stemming from third-party lawsuits, including product liability claims brought against the insured in the United States or abroad as a result of its overseas business activities.  Third-party can arise from a myriad of sources, including customers/clients, suppliers, shareholders/investors, government agencies and competitors.

CGL covers damages and legal expenses associated with covered claims involving actual or alleged:

  • Bodily Injury;
  • Property Damage;
  • Product Liability;
  • Contractual Liability;
  • Personal Injury;
  • Advertising Injury; and
  • Other commercial risks as indicated in the policy.

Working through Black Fox International’s global network of insurers, we have the ability to issue locally admitted insurance policies in virtually every region of the world.

Foreign Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance

The policy insures in excess of the compulsory coverage required for any particular country. Coverage is provided on a “Difference in Conditions” (DIC) basis for owned, hired, non-owned and leased automobiles overseas. Locally admitted policies are also available.

Foreign Voluntary Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This specialized policy insures company employees working outside the United States or Canada, as well as third-country nationals.  By covering employees outside their home country, the policy eliminates the coverage gap inherent in U.S./Canadian Workers’ Compensation policies.

Coverage applies to claims involving work-related injuries and endemic diseases. Additional protection is also available, including:

  • Employer’s Liability Insurance: Provides coverage for amounts the insured company may be required to paydue to legal obligations resulting from bodily injury or death of overseas employees.
  • Coverage for Excess Repatriation Expenses: Reimburses the insured up to a specific limit of ability for expenses beyond normal transportation costs for repatriation of injured, sick or deceased employees to the United States, Canada or country of hire.